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$1,400 · Alienware m15 r3 15' (1YearOld)

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz 16GB of RAM - - NVIDIA RTX 2060 Graphics Card 15' UHD 144Hz 3ms Response Time Screen Display (Anti-Glare) Only a year old, just recently got it fixed by warranty, the fans werent spinning fast enough due to the dust, got it replaced. Runs games smoothly at high settings at 60FPS. Mid settings goes up to 144FPS. Visit, and try out the games I have installed before you buy and check it out, its pretty beast for a 1080p. I'd say its the best 1080p gaming laptop there is. Can play videos up to 4k, with beautiful visuals. Back of screen panel is a bit dirty, its from travelling with it, with the charger on top of it, other than that its clean. With controller, gaming. Its smooth as butter. Comes with mouse and 110$ alienware headset and mousepad and laptop panel cooler. I'd keep it on cooler, because the bottom is made of plastic and you dont want to be bending it. All laptops need air can sprayed on fans, or dust will build making the fans spin slower and causing a blue screen, ive had many laptops and I know this. This would be the only problem with owning laptops, if you dont air it out, it goes slow. Bought for 2,600$ last year, selling for 1,400$. I have the receipt. REASON FOR SELLING: I'm trying to become more organized, and need stuff to become a rapper, to get ready, need some stuff done with this money. Heres some photos of the gameplay with the laptop, and picture of me as a rapper trying to make it as the rap name #BUNNY. Need clothing to feel more comfortable to work out in, and to organize my room to have a lifestyle of some sort. Need the money, thanks! And the modern games out right now are boring to me, im more oldschool and would buy a original xbox with need for speed games, keeps me happy, with the money OFC.

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November 16, 2021
February 14, 2022
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