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Legal Defense For Convicts and Those Without Lawyers.

I'm looking to provide legal defense to people who lost their cases (because their lawyers could not defend them successfully), and free them if they are in jail. Do you have access to them? They could be public figures or regular private citizens. I am not a lawyer, I cannot represent anyone. For regular people, I will teach them to represent themselves on their cases. I am offering this service in all nations. I will lead lawyers, to apply unique perspectives that are based on the philosophy behind laws, to defend the convicts (for those who retain lawyer(s). I will reopen their cases in local courts, a court in the West (if they are outside the West), and at the international court (if applicable), to ensure fair hearing. I will secure them a win in at least one of these courts. A win in one of these courts would nullify their convictions or indictments by the local court, or greatly undermine it. (Justified) Laws are based on philosophies centered on justice. There is no accused I cannot set free if a trial is just (not fair). A decent analogy of what I am trying to do can be made with the computer or any machine. Lawyers are like computer/machine operators. I am like a computer/machine technician or engineer. Except for those self-representing themselves, I am going after cases that have been concluded, picking up from where defense lawyers have been forced to surrender in defeat, and their clients are already serving punishments. I hope you understand my position? I am not coming in to compete with lawyers. I'm coming like Jesus in the case of Lazarus, when all hope is lost. At the stage of my involvement, lawyers have lost and given up, as well as their clients. In case anyone wonders if I possess the pedigree, first let them see this If I have the resolve to take on this huge task, I can defend any accused and set them free just as I said in this post. Also, let them realize that my proposed assistance is in the domain of philosophy applied to the law, it is not regular law, which did not help the convicts. I will combine my philosophical wisdom (applied to the law) with the routine legal competence of lawyers and free them. Laws are summaries/conclusions.

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March 3, 2022
March 3, 2022
June 1, 2022
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