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All categories Regina
calvintoffan (11)
Garbage Can thumbnail image
I have a wrought iron garbage can for sale. It’s in excellent shape, like new & has never been used. It is 18” high, 8” wide & 11” long.
Ad Id:40304901
Posted:September 7, 2023
Decorative Plate thumbnail image
I have a decorative plate for sale, it’s in awesome condition. It is almost 6” in diameter.
Ad Id:40221706
Posted:July 26, 2023
Ceramic Plate thumbnail image
I have a Ceramic Plate for sale, it’s in awesome condition. It’s approximately 8” X 9” X 1.5”.
Ad Id:39326859
Posted:December 22, 2021
Wall Shelf thumbnail image
I have a used metal wall shelf for sale. It is in excellent condition. The dimensions are approximately 9” high, 15” wide & comes off the wall 8”. It ...
Ad Id:39230547
Posted:October 22, 2021
DVDs thumbnail image
I have 6 slightly used DVDs for sale. All r in excellent condition!!! All DVDs r $10 each, but buy them all for $40.
Ad Id:40532619
Posted:January 18, 2024
CDs thumbnail image
I have 12 used CDs for sale. All CDs & their cases r in great condition. $5 per CD or $40 if u purchase them all.
Ad Id:40529975
Posted:January 16, 2024
Christmas Ornaments thumbnail image
I have 3 used special Christmas ornaments for sale. 2 are in absolute mint condition, the bulb has a slight crack at the top but is in great condition...
Ad Id:36891062
Posted:December 6, 2020
CD Discs thumbnail image
I have 18 unused discs & a plastic holding case for sale.
Ad Id:39326863
Posted:December 22, 2021
Keypad thumbnail image
I have a used Micro Innovations numeric keypad for sale. It’s in excellent condition & works perfectly.
Ad Id:40420176
Posted:November 8, 2023
Coffee Table thumbnail image
I have a coffee table for sale that is in excellent condition. It is 103cm long, 69cm wide & 45cm high. It is made of metal & the top is made of finis...
Ad Id:40121476
Posted:June 5, 2023
Dress Shorts thumbnail image
I have a new pair of knee length Dickie dress shorts for sale. Size 38.
Ad Id:40230202
Posted:July 29, 2023
calvintoffan profile image
Calvin Toffan