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All categories Regina
jhackman (5)
Saloon Bird Feeder thumbnail image
Have your happy hour watching the birds having their happy hour on their bar stools. Apprx. !8 x 12 inches. Cedar construction. Birdseed is dispensed...
Ad Id:33847713
Posted:July 21, 2019
Hand carved  Wood wall plaque (new) thumbnail image
Great gift. 20 inches x 7 inches. PH JOHN (306) 543 6828
Ad Id:32670350
Posted:November 30, 2018
Concrete reinforcing wire thumbnail image
2 pieces. One is appr. 15 x 5 feet. The other is 15 x 4 feet.
Ad Id:40121779
Posted:June 6, 2023
Hand Carving.  ( Lifes  Journey) thumbnail image
Beautiful finish With 81 pieces of a variety of 3/4 Inch woods. Took about 50 hours to complete. Item stands 2 feet tall. Finish is 4 coats of urethan...
Ad Id:39773055
Posted:October 24, 2022
Beautiful piece of woodwork thumbnail image
A last minute gift for the seniors in your life. Item is made of solid 3/4 inch variety of woods and is about a big 2 feet tall. Call John at 543 6828...
Ad Id:39868161
Posted:December 23, 2022
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