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jlory (35)
15” plastic bead necklace thumbnail image
15 inch plastic bead necklace
Ad Id:40671328
Posted:April 14, 2024
Carriers: The Men and the Machines. Hard copy book published in 1991 thumbnail image
This book was published in 1991, therefore it is a bit dated. 175 pages
Ad Id:40547695
Posted:January 28, 2024
Top Gun Fighters & America’s Jet Power. Please read description thumbnail image
Note: This book was published in 1988 so it is a bit dated. 190 pages. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40438938
Posted:November 19, 2023
Ceramic flower pot thumbnail image
Ceramic flower pot. Length 8.5 inches. Width 4.5 inches. Height 4 inches. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:38924079
Posted:May 23, 2021
Boyd’s Collection - Cat thumbnail image
9” Plush cat
Ad Id:39482015
Posted:April 10, 2022
Various golf balls thumbnail image
18 golf balls, north west regina pickup
Maple Ridge
Ad Id:39010837
Posted:June 27, 2021
Slide Trays thumbnail image
Slide trays. Price includes all three trays. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:40614457
Posted:March 10, 2024
Bugs Bunny Stapler - 1975 thumbnail image
This vintage bugs bunny stapler was manufactured in 1975. I don’t know if the stapler portion still works, or if staplers for this item can still be p...
Ad Id:40660104
Posted:April 7, 2024
Illustrated World War II Encyclopedia. Hard cover book. Volume 1 of 24 thumbnail image
Volume 1 of 24. Hardcover book. Published 1978. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40603005
Posted:March 3, 2024
Ceramic flower pot. thumbnail image
Flower pot. 8 inch diameter, 7 inches tall. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:38900369
Posted:May 16, 2021
FREE: Free Book - Cut and Run by Jeff Abbott thumbnail image
Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:40245807
Posted:August 6, 2023
The Complete Book of US Naval Power thumbnail image
Lists and provides a brief description of all ships and aircraft used by United States during 1990. 320 pages. Note this book was published in 1991, s...
Ad Id:40387196
Posted:October 22, 2023
Forces ‘89 book: read description thumbnail image
This book highlights the military actions and equipment for the year 1989. North west Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40449581
Posted:November 25, 2023
Brother 1360 fax/copier machine thumbnail image
This brother 1360 fax/copier machine requires a new ink cartridge and the LCD screen has become faint and hard to read. It includes the original manua...
Ad Id:39117905
Posted:August 22, 2021
3 1/2” plastic figure thumbnail image
3 1/2” plastic figure. Northwest Regina pickup. No holds. Cross posted.
Ad Id:39794743
Posted:November 6, 2022
Police Story - book. Please read description thumbnail image
This book is a behind the scenes look at Canadian’s Police forces. Please note this book was published in 1981, so it is dated. It is also geared towa...
Ad Id:40505517
Posted:December 31, 2023
Particle board shelf thumbnail image
15 1/2" x 8'-1" particle board shelf. White in color
Ad Id:33564993
Posted:June 30, 2019
Christmas bandana. thumbnail image
24 inch Christmas bandana. Northwest Regina pickup. No holds, cross posted
Ad Id:39303145
Posted:December 5, 2021
Dell XPS 700 750W power supply unit thumbnail image
Will work with Dell XPS 700, 710 and 720. Power supply model HP750P-00. Max output power 750W. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:34612537
Posted:September 8, 2019
Small dog planter thumbnail image
This small planter is in the shape of a dog and is approximately 6 inches in length. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:39471079
Posted:April 3, 2022
HP Photosmart 145 printer - please read description. LCD screen not functioning. thumbnail image
This printer was designed to print 4”x6” pictures. I’m giving this away for the following reasons. The LCD screen no longer works. It is missing the c...
Ad Id:40648882
Posted:March 31, 2024
Canadian Wings picture book- read description below thumbnail image
Book of Canadian military aircraft. This book was published in 1990, so it is a bit out of date. Primary pictures of Canadian military aircraft used ...
Ad Id:40160401
Posted:June 26, 2023
Foot Joy golf shoes thumbnail image
Missing one cleat, see pictures. Mens size 9
Ad Id:40360879
Posted:October 8, 2023
Submarines Hunter/Killers Boomers thumbnail image
This hard cover book covers the submarines used by the USA and the Soviet Union in 1990. 192 pages. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40536988
Posted:January 21, 2024
Stealth - book regarding stealth aircraft. Please read description. thumbnail image
This is an in-depth book regarding stealth aircraft and the technology behind such developments. Please note although this book is quite technical, it...
Ad Id:40485677
Posted:December 17, 2023
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