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$350 · Titan XT330 Airless Paint Sprayer

Used on 1 job Titan XT330 Features Smart-Move Collapsible Cart For compact storage and easy transport, this 57 lbs unit has a collapsible cart. You will be able to rotate the central unit back, fold the legs in and carry or store this paint sprayer with ease. This sturdy cart also comes with a set of large diameter wheels for your convenience. LX60 Metal Spray Gun & Integrated Filter Incorporated into the LX60 is a 360-degree swivel feature. This design helps proved a better experience by allowing the hose to move freely while following your motions. For better performance and finish, there’s a built-in filter which reduces tip clogs. This cart model also includes an automatic oiling system. With the push of a button, oil is delivered from the reservoir straight to the pump packings. This simplified system of lubrication extends the life of all lubricated parts. Tilt-Back & Pail Hook By tilting the main unit and lifting intake valve back, you will be able to make quick bucket changes. When moving the XT330, you can use the integrate hook to move both paint containers and the unit itself. Collapsible Titan 0516013 XT330 Check Price At Amazon Double Stroke Piston Design With the use of a special piston system, the Titan 0516013 XT330 airless sprayer pumps material on both up and down stroke. This allows a slower speed of operation while delivering optimal performance with a variety of materials. The double-stroke design also lessens the impact on critical parts and prolongs service life. Adjustable Pressure Control A sliding track control helps you achieve a better finish by adjusting the pressure based on the type of coating you are using. Max pressure is ideal for latex, medium for stain finishes, and minimal for rolling. TR2 Dual Tip Thanks to this dual action design, there’s no need to swap tips for narrow and wide spraying patterns. All you have to do is turn the TR2, and the switch is made. You can get high coverage with the wide tip, or use the narrow tip for more precision and less overspray. Moreover, any standard aftermarket tip with reversible design will work with this model.

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March 6, 2022
June 4, 2022
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